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Beta Project
Developer Derek S. Ray
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack
Released Jul 2007
Updated May 2, 2010 (0.6.3)
Licensing OpenContent License

NetHack GPL

P. Language C
Platforms Linux, Mac, Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 8+ hours
Official site of SporkHack

SporkHack is a NetHack variant going down a different road to that which Slash'EM is. The latter adds a lot of toys but also quite a few additional ways to unbalance and even break the game. Spork tries to avoid this pitfall while enhancing gameplay.

Some new features include:

  • Some intrinsics are no longer binary and can range from 0% to 100%.
  • Major alignment changes.
  • Some new items. (wand of wind, small sack)
  • Interface improvements.
  • Spell tweaking.
  • Higher-level monsters are much meaner.
  • Vastly improved Gehennom (plus no more mysterious force!)

Be warned that SporkHack is undergoing rapid development and new versions can break save-file compatibility. This is almost guaranteed to not happen more often than every Sunday.

08/2009: Starting in early 2009, SporkHack no longer is maintaining its prior rapid development pace; the developer has had his time pulled away by Pesky Real Life(tm). The Sunday limitation on savefile breakage will still hold true for any changes which _are_ made, but the game can be considered significantly more stable.

As of 12/4/2011, active development on Sporkhack has been formally suspended; real-life concerns have taken priority for the developers.

See also

A Japanese version of SporkHack is also under development.

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