Souls Rescue

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Souls Rescue
Alpha Project
Developer BlackBonesFamily
Theme Fantasy
Influences Quest of Dungeons, Sproggiwood
Released May 1, 2016 (alpha 0.1)
Updated August 21, 2016 (alpha 0.6.1)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface tiles, keyboard, mouse, gamepad
Game Length it depends
Official site of Souls Rescue



Souls Rescue tries to be a roguelike.

You and seven members of you family are dead. Release your souls from the Dark Master!

  • select your hero among eight trapped souls
  • explore randomly generated dungeons
  • 7 graphical environments (crypt, ice, tropical, void, ...)
  • slay 50 types of creatures
  • level system. each level distribute your point to your attributes
  • use recipes to craft your magical scrolls, potions or bomb
  • plant the seeds and gather the fruits
  • more to come (pet, weapon modification, a classic ascii mode, ...)
  • perma-death but you can keep items in a special chest for your next tries

Developers & development

Souls Rescue is an amateur project from Severine and Thierry Tournel

Music(s) from Marty Opsahl

The game is coded in c# and use FNA-XNA from Ethan Lee


Souls Rescue is downloadable here:


4GpE8W.png HQLfGt.png

Change Log

alpha 7.2

  • engine rewritten with Unity3D
  • add a save game system. When you die your save game is deleted
  • drink or user some items consume a turn
  • new UI design

alpha 6.1

  • recycle one item at a time
  • remove fixed seed
  • fix a problem with inventory
  • F6-F7 change zoom of the game (like mouse wheel)

alpha 6

  • 9 new spell scrolls (fireball and heal already exist):
  • playable with The Witch (too weak in previous release without new spells)
  • new damage calculation
  • music on Linux and OSX
  • screen with basic option (fullscreen, window size, sound and music volume)
  • AI improvement
  • more enemies use ranged attack
  • New spell scrolls:
    • cure, remove poison
    • trap detection, show traps
    • light, greater light around the hero
    • shield, protect the hero
    • sorcerer’s eye, see all map for 3 turns
    • curse, for 5 turns cut damage from enemies
    • poison, … poison
    • mark, create a teleporter where you can come back with "recall" scroll
    • recall, come back to the teleporter created with "mark"

alpha 5

  • new dungeon design
  • add bow (use DEX for damage calculation). Select an enemy with TAB and press F to shoot
  • add crossbow (use STR for damage calculation). Select an enemy with TAB and press F to shoot
  • add dagger (use DEX for damage calculation)
  • add enemy who cast fireball (more spells in future)
  • add plate that reveals a chest or summons 1, 2 or 3 monsters or shoot an arrow from left or right wall.
  • deadly hole of lava or acid. Walk on lava or acid, you directly die! Tell us if it’s a good idea.
  • add an xp line. At top of your screen in green
  • items with green background in your inventory are better than the equipped one
  • press F5 to enter in the Classic Mode (ascii). This feature is clearly not finished.
  • tooltip for primary attributes (str, dex, …)

alpha 0.4

  • better gamepad (360) support
  • better keyboard support
  • traps for wall and floor
  • buff/dot system
  • first spell for player (fireball, heal)
  • minimap
  • more sounds
  • help and credit

game discontinued

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