Sigmore Mines 2 For Android

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Sigmore Mines 2
Stable game
Developer Kamil Toszek (KTGames.Net)
Theme fantasy
Influences Dweller,Sigmore Mines
Released May, 2011 (1.0)
Updated (?)
Licensing Shareware
P. Language Java
Platforms Android
Interface Graphical tiles
Game Length to-beat: about 30h
Official site of Sigmore Mines 2

Sigmore Mines 2 For Android

Sigmore Mines 2 For Android is a graphical roguelike for Android phones. You are in control of hero descending into the dungeon to complete his quest. On your way will stand monsters with poisonous attacks, traps and hidden rooms. Along the way you will gain experience, became stronger and find new magical weapons.

Game Features

  • Random generated dungeons.
  • Village at which you can buy/sell or identify items, restore health.
  • Gain experience and level up.
  • Use magic such as fireball or frozenball.
  • Find healing shrines and hidden rooms.
  • Ability to save game in the village every time you are there!
  • Town portal scrolls.
  • Hidden rooms in the dungeon.
  • Wear armours, melee and distance weapons.
  • Use potions to poison your weapon.
  • Game system with stats as : Strength, Swiftness, Dexterity, Ingenuity, Magic, Vitality.
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