Grue the monster – roguelike underworld RPG

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Grue the monster – roguelike underworld RPG
Developer Denis Anohin
Theme Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Influences Demon Tactic, Gruesome
Status finished
Released 2018-05-01
Updated v.1.0.5 on 2018-09-07
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Lua
Platforms Android, Windows
Interface Tile-based
Game Length 1.5-2 hours
Official site of Grue the monster – roguelike underworld RPG



Who is Grue?

A mysterious creature of old times, living in the darkness and eating stupid travelers who were so careless that they descended into caves without a reliable light source. According to the legends, only the light can destroy Grue.

This is the second game from the Infinite Underworld.


  • Permanent death
  • Procedurally-generated caves
  • Turn-based battle
  • 1hp game style
  • You hunt stealthily in the darkness because the light will burn you
  • Deterministic predictive battle gives complete control over victory or death
  • Different endings with the different difficulty of achievement and final bosses at the end


Developed in 2018 by Denis Anohin.

Some tiles were borrowed from Battle For Wesnoth game.

The engine was used: Corona SDK.



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